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Co-Console Project For EPCM's, Contractors and Owner-Operators in small to mega construction projects.
Co-Console Corporate For unlimited use and maximum business integration.
Co-Console Asset For continuous modification projects on Owner-Operator's assets.

Outstanding completion and commissioning software

LUCY Industrial Management Solutions provides Co-Console software to prepare, manage and report inspections and function tests of every component, system and unit of a process facility. This completion process is to ensure safety, technical integrity and timely certification in an organized and auditable manner. Co-Console is typically used in new build construction projects, as well as continuous modification jobs on existing assets.

Putting site central

Co-Console puts the construction site central. This approach results in features that will fit stakeholders as project management, completion and commissioning teams and start-up and maintenance managers. We automate the construction site to facilitate completion and commissioning work, diminishing errors and mistakes, improve the quality of data and save man-hours and money.

Co-Console always fits

Co-Console software has been created to easily suit the requirements of different user groups, in various industries and project types. Co-Console Project is developed for small to large one-off projects. Co-Console Corporate is a solution for EPCM’s that have a long-term vision on standardisation of multiple projects and integration. Co-Console Asset is designed to handle modification jobs on assets, for owners, operators and sub-contractors. The software easily integrates with existing work processes and data sources and enables managers, inspectors and contractors to stay in control in an easy way, from construction to project close-out.

Why select Co-Console as your CMS

From customer feedback we have selected the top 6 mentioned reasons why they use Co-Console and experience it as the best value for money Completions and Commissioning Management System for greenfield projects:

1. Co-Console does the job. Co-Console improves the quality of work, saves time and positions projects for a transparent turnover and safe startup. Co-Console allows preparing and managing the completion certification processes FAT, SAT, construction, mechanical completion, cold commissioning, hot commissioning and startup, plus integrated preservation, punching site queries etc. Co-Console can be set up comprehensively for complex mega projects, but requires no more than a piece of equipment and a check-sheet for small jobs! Co-Console easily handles small and mega projects, onshore or offshore, modular build, multi-yards in oil & gas, power, chemical and shipbuilding, basically any process industry.

2. Our products are user-friendly and easy to operate, because built with powerful technology. Simple menus are available for easy operation.

3. Flexibility is key. Co-Console is configured based on project needs to suit the work processes and certification processes, not the other way around. Co-Console can be set up bottom up (engineering data first) and top down and updated data can be continuously loaded. Tag Function Codes can drive completion requirements, but you decide.

4. You are in control, because we train your people how to configure, setup and operate the software. The helpdesk will support you well. Your IT is in control, because the database and software can be on premise. Software updates are pulled in, not pushed in. Also available as Software as a Service (SAAS).

5. A true single point of truth. A point of truth increases consistency, efficiency and supports do-it-once do-it-right. Co-Console has the capabilities to be a single point of truth. Any and all completion data, data properties and documents can be loaded into Co-Console – guaranteed. Doc-Console integrates the documents from your Document Server making them available by tag and sub-system. Doc-Console also verifies the engineering data with the drawings ensuring a reliable dataset in Co-Console. The built-in reports and outstanding query and report designers avoid spreadsheet management. The mobile app Data Mining virtually gives everyone access to this single point of truth via mobile devices.

6. Integrated model. Co-Console and products can be used as an isolated project solution, but can integrate out of the box in various ways, bringing even more efficiency and consistency: mobile applications integrate users with completion data and documents; Doc-Console integrates documents from existing document management systems with Co-Console tags; the Co-Console API exchanges data professionally with virtually any 3rd party system, like engineering systems and ERP systems.

Why use Doc-Console to link your Document Server

Unlock the full potential of your Document Server: deploy documents and design data, including completion data on mobile devices. This will increase the accessibility of design documents. It will save you tablet cost for document servers and Doc-Console will help delivering tag-document relations without extra manpower. Tag-document relations are often a contractual requirement. With Doc-Console, the construction 'yellow line check' will automatically deliver the tag-document relations.

Your global partner

LUCY is in the market to deliver the best software tools and teach you, not to deliver people and be in your driving seat. That results in rich and usable products in all circumstances that are excellently supported by the helpdesk. We rely on your success with our products.

Many EPCM's, construction firms, service companies and technology providers have chosen LUCY to be its trusted completion and commissioning software partner. Co-Console software is used in many industries from oil & gas, chemical, ship building, electronics to power. We operate globally delivering excellent service and support. We strive to develop outstanding software that creates excellent results for our customers.

ISO9001:2008 certified

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LUCY is certified by Lloyd's register. This confirms our professional services, innovative products and clear work processes. It is supported by laudative customer feedback and appreciation of our helpdesk in our customer surveys.


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08/17/2015 Documents from your existing document server available on tablets! Documents from your existing document server available on tablets!
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