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Outstanding Completion & Commissioning and Welding Software

LUCY Industrial Management Solutions provides Co-Console and Weld-Console software to ensure safety, technical integrity, and timely certification of capital-intensive projects in an organized and auditable manner.

By putting construction site, shop, and yard central, the software tools support project managers, completion and commissioning teams, QA/QC managers, inspectors, foremen, information managers, document controllers, and maintenance managers to execute their jobs professionally and efficiently. Automation and digitalization of construction and fabrication results in more efficiency, fewer errors, improved quality, and saving of man-hours.

01 Fabrication

Welding and bolting for piping and structural

02 Construction

Greenfield mechanical completion, commissioning, energization

03 Maintenance

Brownfield modification and maintenance


Rail & road

How Co-Console helps your project

Build, commission, energize and maintain challenging construction, commissioning projects efficiently. Create visibility on contractual requirements, real-time progress, certification status and convincingly demonstrate you are in control. Work with mobile devices digitally, transparently. Monitor and lead construction projects to evidence-based turnover. Deliver projects on time and safely.

Co-Console always fits

We created Co-Console software to perfectly suit the requirements of different user groups in various industries and project types:

Any small to large one-off projects can implement Co-Console efficiently. Contractors and Owners/Operators with a long-term vision of the standardization of multiple projects and integration will find the ideal solution with the Co-Console suite. The software smoothly integrates with existing work processes and data sources. It enables managers, inspectors, contractors, and owners to stay in control of their scope and projects, from contract to construction, to operations and project close-out.

Weld-Console Welding & Fabrication

Weld-Console turns welding projects into simple daily instructions and validates and ensures that projects comply with contract and law. A comprehensive solution, serving many project stakeholders to work integrated, efficiently, transparently, and with higher quality. Weld-Console interfaces with engineering, sub-contractors at site and shops to keep overview and control. Bring joints, spools and isometrics to “ready for hydro” and “pipe complete”: bolted, welded, examined, and documented.

Suitable for you

Weld-Console is a flexible system that actively manages project requirements and deliverables to ensure they are met. It supports standard and non-standard requirements in, e.g. the offshore, power, and (petro)chemical industries. Weld-Console reports progress and KPIs for single construction sites and modular build projects. Real-time due to mobile apps. It supports straightforward work processes as well as advanced work phase planning. Weld-Console can act as a project ‘overlay’ to validate and align sub-contractors as well as ‘self-perform’ where you incorporate your work processes in a shop or field. Are you ready for Weld-Console?

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