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Reduce risk

Construction projects in the process industry are complex, require major investments and come with considerable financial and safety risk. Major challenges are in-time delivery and prevention of failure cost. There is a methodology to reduce the risk of late delivery and increase safety: project completion. Project completion defines, executes and records essential activities to prove contractual obligations, technical integrity and safety while pushing for the critical path and milestone dates.

Always a single point of truth

Project completion manages and audits key essential processes in scope, quality and planning and incorporates quality gates that the project must pass. It creates a single point of truth for all disciplines, managers and inspectors of EPCM’s and Owner/ Operators for daily tasks, status and progress, in an understandable way. Project completion manages key steps on Object/ Tag level, a level that is low enough to stay in daily control and high enough to be able to effectively implement and run itWith Co-Console, projects can smartly re-use design data as the basis to manage construction and commissioning to operation/ project close-out. Managing such important processes must be done with a smart application where all stakeholders can work with the same information.

Putting site central in completion and commissioning

Project completion is managed with software Co-Console Project. Co-Console helps projects preparing and executing project completion tasks on a daily basis to complete project milestones in time. Due to the nature of project completion, Co-Console has many interfaces, with data sources and users/ stakeholders and is used in a variety of markets and project types. Co-Console empowers the construction site to organize their completion processes and easily integrate with the design data, drawings and Document Management Systems. Co-Console is an exceptional tool that has been created to operate with ease in such a dynamic environment in a standardized manner.

Co-Console software can be tailored by users to facilitate the needs and requirements of different user groups. Co-Console Project is specifically developed for small to large one-off projects, Co-Console Corporate is for EPCM's and Co-Console Asset is designed for asset management by owners and operators.