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Doc-Console improves data quality and saves huge time

Doc-Console integrates design documents in existing document servers with tag numbers in Co-Console. Doc-Console allows viewing, printing and analyzing the available and required documents based on construction, commissioning and start-up requirements. Doc-Console unlocks the latest drawings for efficient use at the site and adds great value to your current document server.

Doc-Console can work for any project: it expects PDF files in the document server and can work with virtually any document server to unlock e.g. P&IDs, Loop diagrams, Single lines, Isometrics and Datasheets. Doc-Console can find 100% of the tags.

Doc-Console is a site automation tool that very naturally fits in the work processes carried out at site today: Doc-Console starts with an electronic scope check, ensuring that the engineering data, loaded in Co-Console, is in line with the drawings in the document server, and vice versa. The scope check puts aside the cumbersome process of using the yellow marker to do the same, increases quality, and puts the construction department in control of this verification. Any discrepancies – tags on drawings that are not in the engineering data and vice versa – are easily exported and fed back to engineering to advise. A revised drawing requires you to only look at the deltas, saving even more time. Once design documents are unlocked, the potential is enormous!

We believe that commissioning system boundaries should be managed by commissioning and in the completions database Co-Console, and not by engineering in CAD tools or 3D systems. Therefore, Doc-Console allows you to mark-up P&IDs and Single Line drawings with commissioning system boundaries. This will instantly arrange the tag data to sub-systems in Co-Console. Revising commissioning system boundaries is fully supported, including drawing revision and Delta control. This integrated approach leads to consistency, saves a lot of man-hours, is easy to operate and puts the commissioning group in control. And works with PDF, so also vendor P&ID’s. Easy and out of the box!

Doc-Console benefits

  • Manage commissioning system boundaries at the site easily. No involvement of home office required
  • Manage tag/sub-system relations automatically, driven by commissioning systems on P&ID’s
  • Revision control on commissioning system boundaries
  • Make selected drawings available in Co-Console via DMS deep links e.g. P&ID’s, single lines, Loop diagrams, Isometrics, Data Sheets
  • Create tag-document relations without extra manpower
  • Find a drawing via a tag number
  • Print mechanical completion and commissioning status on drawings
  • Electronically verify scope, including revision control; get rid of the yellow marker!
  • Compile inspection and test packages automatically, including inspection and test sheets and latest drawings from your document server, and save 95% (!) of your hours
  • Create visibility on available documents by tag, sub-system and milestone
  • Create visibility on required documents for FAT, SAT, turnover, commissioning and operations
  • Detect revised drawings after inspections
  • Doc-Console expects PDFs, so works for any project!
  • Doc-Console can find 100% of the tags, guaranteed