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Maximize efficiency with the Co-Console Apps

LUCY introduced Mobile Inspection, Punching, and Preservation in 2016 and successfully helped many projects automate. The customer success rate was 100%, meaning every customer returned for a second project.


Benefits of working with LUCY Mobile:

  • Real-time progress
  • Transparency on who is doing what
  • Higher traceability and auditability
  • Prevent project idle time
  • Immediate and automatic follow-up of non-conformities
  • Expedite and escalate work that is ‘lying around unattended’
  • More effective time in the field
  • Track partial and weighted completion
  • Receive latest information and documents from systems integrated with Co-Console
  • Use field recorded data for subsequent phases, such as commissioning, maintenance, and operations (where information on paper would get lost)
  • Digital information seamlessly feeds into electronic handover dossiers
  • Clear signature and acceptance trail
  • Easy work-sharing
  • Save time quality-checking paperwork
  • Save administration time
  • Save paper


LUCY has released the next generation of mobile apps. This next-generation includes all the improvements and new features that have been identified in the preceding years of experience.

What may you expect from the LUCY Mobile apps:

  • Suitable for greenfield, brownfield, and scope assessments
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows 10
  • Mix platforms within a project, supporting Bring Your Own Device, saving hardware cost
  • Smart digital forms ensure correct and complete data entry and validation
  • Easy and intuitive to operate, well-accepted in the field
  • Work on- and offline, automatic synchronization
  • For large and small projects
  • Bulk-analyze and validate data and measurements collected in the field
  • Integrated with Co-Console
  • Supports multi-user, multi-project, Windows Authentication, and Single sign-on
  • Project database on-premise or in the cloud

Apps: Mobile Inspection & Punching

  • Automatically receive scope like work packages on the tablet
  • Covers inspections, testing, and dynamic commissioning
  • Search and download tag data and inspections
  • Create punch items to document corrective work
  • Easily capture photos and files for evidence
  • Documents available from your own document server
  • Mark-up drawings and as-built management
  • Collect field data digitally and share it with operating and maintenance systems

Apps: Mobile Commissioning & Punching

  • Write step-by-step activities
  • Include drawings and reference files
  • Progress and status commissioning steps on the tablet, offline
  • Create follow-up actions and punch items
  • Work with multiple engineers on the same procedure

Apps: Mobile Preservation & Corrections

  • Prevent equipment from decay
  • Automatically receive preservation work on the tablet
  • Define preservation activities to equipment while in the field
  • Well-defined preservation instructions, including vendor documents
  • Fill out smart, interactive forms easily
  • Create corrective actions with immediate follow-up, preventing missing the preservation this week
  • Seamlessly integrates with Co-Console Foundation Preservation module
  • Automatically schedules activities for following weeks
  • Replace paper administration

Get inspired

Working with customers inspires us to develop more Apps to ease completion, commissioning, and turnover. Our solutions provide you with excellent results.