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About LUCY

LUCY Industrial Management Solutions

LUCY Industrial Management Solutions creates, develops and sells professional completion and commissioning software tools to the international oil, gas and chemical industries. We work with many of the significant players like EPCMs, Owner/Operators and contractors. LUCY is known for its innovative solutions and leads the global development of Completions and Commissioning Management Systems and Welding and Flange Management.

LUCY Industrial Management Solutions is a leading technology provider of completion and commissioning software. We started developing Co-Console, because there was no suitable independent tool available to control the construction, mechanical completion, commissioning processes. Co-Console is a software tool that puts construction sites central, is suitable for any industry, is user-friendly standard software, but highly adjustable to specific situations. After a short training anybody is able to use and benefit from Co-Console software.

We believe that software should make the work of commissioning managers, project managers, inspectors, and contractors easier. Not by hiring more external people and delegating crucial tasks and responsibilities, but by giving you the tools and support to stay in control of mechanical completion and commissioning. We have built extensive experience in helping professional EPCM's, owners/operators and contractors to be in control during the completion and commissioning stages of complex construction projects. That is why Co-Console is tailored to the needs of different target groups and our portfolio consists of Co-Console Project, Asset and Corporate.

What we do

We focus on developing new applications and software upgrades to serve our global and local customers. It supports our ambition to be recognized as a leading completion and commissioning software developer. Co-Console software is always:

  • User-friendly
  • A smart data solution
  • Standard, but flexible
  • Professional
  • Current

We develop outstanding software, so you can deliver an excellent result.

LUCY develops all Co-Console software in house. Updates are released as new client versions and available in an online library 24/7. Updating is simple and reliable using the Co-Console update module. The Configuration Tool guides installation and configuration professionally.

Excellent service

LUCY strives to develop a long-term relationship with its customers. You will have 24/7 access to the latest software, documentation, and support via an online portal. Our product specialists do their utmost best to advise and help you as quickly and effectively as we can be; customers valued our helpdesk service with a 9 out of 10 in our latest customer review! You will be trained by our product specialists to create the basis for independent use of Co-Console software.

Job openings, apply, and contact

Do you recognize yourself in one of the job profiles and can you imagine yourself working at LUCY? Send your motivation and resume to work@LUCY-ims.com attn. Ms A. Verheij. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on +31 30 262 7186.

Agencies are kindly requested not to respond.


What our customers say

There are many reasons to choose LUCY. Discover what our customers shared:

"No worries about our completion and welding management software."

We develop state-of-the-art software, configured to your requirements, and we train your people how to use it. It is worry-free.

"It is user-friendly."

Co-Console and Weld-Console software have user-friendly interfaces, are function-rich, and can be configured the way you want it. Mobile devices are easy to use and well accepted by field personnel. It can import data from any Microsoft-supported source, metadata from Document Management Systems uses XML as an exchange standard, and has APIs to exchange data.

"Professional and state of the art."

The software tools are built on known professional technologies according to industry standards, providing stability, familiarity, and easy integration. LUCY develops innovative standard software solutions based on market demands.

"It is cost-effective."

Co-Console and Weld-Console software can be installed, configured, and operated independently. We train your staff to operate the tools. You are in control, and that minimizes the life cycle cost.

"Excellent support."

LUCY's helpdesk and remote support are fast and excellent.