outstanding software.
excellent results.

What customers say about LUCY

EPCM's, Owner/Operators and service companies are satisfactorily using LUCY's software solutions for many years. Co-Console and Weld-Console are run worldwide on multi-billion to small projects in different markets. Feedback during customer reviews confirms that once you switch to Co-Console or Weld-Console software you will use it for the next project again.


LUCY services various market and project types. Co-Console and Weld-Console software are used for green- and brownfield projects, new build with or without hook-up, on- and offshore in different markets, stretching from oil & gas, chemical, electronics, nuclear power, renewables, wind farms to shipbuilding.

Satisfied users are e.g.

  • Heerema Fabrication Group
  • Shell E&P
  • Tecnicas Reunidas
  • Total E&P
  • CB&I
  • ASML
  • Gasunie
  • ExxonMobil
  • Foster Wheeler Energy
  • BAE Systems
  • BAM

Why customers selected LUCY Industrial Management Solutions

There are many reasons to choose LUCY. This is what customers let us know:

"No worries about our completion and welding management software."
We develop state of the art software, which is configured to your requirements and we train your people how to use it. It is worry free.

"It is user-friendly."
Co-Console and Weld-Console software have a user-friendly interface, are function-rich and can be configured the way you want it. It can import data from any Microsoft supported source, metadata from Document Management Systems, uses XML as exchange standard and has API's to exchange data. They come with free and fast automatic updates.

"Professional and state of the art."
The software tools are built on known professional technologies according to industry standards, providing stability, familiarity and easy integration. LUCY is ISO9001:2015 certified and develops innovative software solutions based on customer demand.

"It is cost effective."
Co-Console and Weld-Console software can be downloaded, installed, configured and operated independently. We train your staff to operate the tools. You are in control and that minimizes the life cycle cost.

"Excellent support."
LUCY's helpdesk and remote support is fast and excellent.

outstanding software.
excellent results.

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