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LUCY's Industries

Co-Console and Weld-Console are used in similar industries.

01 Fabrication 02 Construction 03 Maintenance
Urban Infrastructure Railway/Subway - Check -
Road - Check -
Industry Heavy Industry Oil & Gas/ LNG Check Check Check
Chemicals Check Check Check
Offshore Check Check Check
Mining Check Check Check
Fabrication Industry Welding shops Check - -
Yards Check - -
Nuclear Power generation Check Check Check
Ship building Ship building Check Check -
Green energy Wind - Check -
Solar - Check -
Waste-to-Energy Check Check -
Industry Datacenters - Check -
Batteries - Check -
Semiconductors - Check -
Pharmaceuricals - Check -
Biotech - Check -

Urban Infrastructure projects

Create a single point of truth defining contractual requirements, functional and technical requirements, the scope of work, and completion packages. Methodologically inspect and test scope on drawings and designed objects/tags, ensure contractual and operational requirements are met, and work to evidence-based turnover. Capture changes and corrective actions to ensure they are recognized and get implemented. Work with mobile solutions for ease of use, transparency, and efficiency.

Urban and infrastructure projects (like rail, road, and subway) are often driven by Systems Engineering (ISO 15288, INCOSE handbook SE), defining functional and technical requirements. These must be met by the technology, performance tests, and evidence, such as material certificates, drawings, and product data. Define the functional and technical requirements and prove meeting those while building, inspecting, and testing by work package, area, and system. Add stakeholders, functions, risks, documentation, drawings, design components, and work packages and manage requirements from concept to operations.

Industry projects

With Industry projects, we mean construction projects in ‘heavy’ industries such as nuclear, oil & gas, mining, LNG, shipbuilding, hydrogen (H2), modular build, offshore, as well as construction in ‘normal’ industries such as manufacturing, data centers, power grid, foods, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, battery manufacturing, wind energy, solar energy. All these industries find their solution with the LUCY standard solutions.

  • Manage complex greenfield projects from small, medium to large.
  • Methodologically work and certify from fabrication, installation, function testing, pre-commissioning, cold commissioning, hot commissioning into start-up and operations.
  • Manage discrepancies like punch items, technical queries, design changes, and more.
  • Turn area-driven construction into system-driven completion.
  • Preserve equipment from decay.
  • Create electronic turnover dossiers with all evidence inside.
  • Work with many stakeholders and drive the work front, e.g., supported by work package-driven concepts.
  • Interface with data sources like work phase planning and engineering systems to share design data, verify key drawings and ensure the high availability of design documents on tablets.
  • Work with mobile solutions for ease of use, transparency, and efficiency.

Co-Console provides greenfield projects full functionality and flexibility to manage complex projects. Co-Console is a mature solution out of the box, and allows you to:

  • Define project breakdown structures.
  • Make Co-Console fit your design data.
  • Integrate with your document server.
  • Analyze tag data on key drawings.
  • Ensure data reliability.
  • Mark up key drawings electronically to create packages for commissioning systems, hydro tests, steam blowing, and create tag/document relationships.
  • Write dynamic/hot commissioning procedures in Co-Console.
  • Use mobile devices to complete inspection and commission work, create transparency, and provide real-time status across multiple yards.
  • Add a dashboard solution to visualize KPI.

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The nuclear industry has the most substantial focus on safety, quality, and traceability. With the LUCY solutions, nuclear projects can work consistently and traceable, supporting working safely and auditable, with qualified welders, materials, and welding and bolting tools. With the LUCY electronic work package concept (eWP), projects can digitally prepare work for installation and testing, including supporting documentation and drawings, integrated from the document management server. Working digitally and integrated prevents unnecessary copies and guarantees that inspectors have the latest information available. Work is released in a controlled way. Signed and accepted work releases subsequent work steps. Defects are easily captured and made visible to stakeholders and can block approval. The nuclear industry has a successful track record with LUCY’s digital eWPs concept.

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Shipbuilding comes with its own set of requirements. Compartment completion versus systems completion, the 12-sided box, and cable pulling are challenging concepts LUCY supports well. Fast and high-quality fabrication of and NDE on ship panels and pipes are essential for other trades to progress. Working on-ship often means no data connection, so working offline with mobile devices is a crucial feature that LUCY delivers.

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Maintenance/Brownfield projects

Manage all modification and debottlenecking works on your existing assets. Keep overview and manage priorities, work safely, avoid delays, and minimize downtime. Do scope assessments, scope preparation, execution, punching, commissioning, handover to operations, start-up. Manage sub-contractors to work efficiently on the priorities and align with commissioning and operations. Integrate with business systems to exchange data and work smarter. Work with mobile solutions for ease of use, transparency, and efficiency.

Working with mobile solutions will create transparency while working on many projects with your sub-contractors and operations. The dashboard will provide real-time status of ongoing jobs, remaining work, and readiness. Work efficiently and expedite priority work, erasing project idle time. Seamlessly manage pre-turnaround and turnaround works with commissioning and operations. Integrate with your document server to work better with the latest documents in the field and prevent documentation delays when going back in operation. Collect field data for your maintenance and operations systems, such as serial numbers, set-points, as-built documentation.

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