outstanding software.
excellent results.

From mega constructions to small modification projects

EPCM's, Owner/Operators and Contractors around the world use products from LUCY Industrial Management Solutions. Whether it is for mega projects like refineries or FPSO's, or maintaining smaller existing installations, completion and welding management are performed in various formats and intensities and LUCY has always a fitting solution. LUCY's Co-Console fits the need for a solid and flexible completion and commissioning software tool. Weld-Console turns welding projects into simple daily instructions and validates and ensures that projects comply with contract and law. LUCY invests in customer reviews and co-development to develop the best software solutions for their users. Latest customer review shows that the statement 'I would select Co-Console or Weld-Console for a next project again' scores a 9.6 out of 10. The helpdesk was valued a 9.0 out of 10.
LUCY is one of the few independent Completion & Commissioning and Welding Software suppliers dedicated to software developing.

Oil & gas and chemical industry

Many EPCM's, Owner/Operators and Contractors use Co-Console software as preferred software tools for completion, commissioning and turnover. They use Weld-Console to bring joints, spools and isometrics to “ready for hydro” and “pipe complete”: bolted, welded, examined and documented. The world's biggest EPCM's use Co-Console/Weld-Console Corporate to manage multiple construction/welding projects worldwide. Companies like CB&I and Foster Wheeler are among the references.
Owner/Operators like Shell, Total, Tecnicas Reunidas and Gasunie are some of the references to use Co-Console and Weld-Console for new build and maintenance/modification projects.
Service providers use Co-Console and Weld-Console as software tools to manage modification and welding projects. "We have selected Co-Console and Weld-Console because we consider it the right tools for the job and we consider LUCY a reliable partner in our projects."

Offshore and Shipbuilding industry

Co-Console and Weld-Console are used in offshore construction to build drilling platforms, converter stations and FPSO's. The location - construction yard, inshore, assembly yard and offshore – is exceptionally important in such projects, which is clearly managed in the tools. Many fabrication companies prefer Co-Console as completion and commissioning software and use it next to Weld-Console to manage their welding, bolting, NDE and certification process. From isometric till project completion. Heerema Fabrication Group states that "Co-Console is powerful, user-friendly and equipped with all the functionalities we need. With Co-Console we are able to easily pinpoint and track the priorities, which are essential for managing in-time handover. We operate Co-Console independently and if support is required, it is a pleasure working with Lucy Software BV."
Also in the shipbuilding industry Co-Console and Weld-Console have many users like British marine shipbuilder BAE Systems.

Electronics industry

Complex, dynamic projects benefit from Co-Console to manage data and project progress. Companies like ASML use this software as completion and commissioning software.

outstanding software.
excellent results.

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