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2020-Q3 Scrape data from PDF Isometrics

When you need data, but you only have PDF isometric drawings, LUCY's PDF Scraper is your go-to software.

The PDF Scraper supports image PDF's, text embedded PDF's, and bulk processing. The software recognizes data from digital isometrics with embedded text or uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) …

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2020-Q3 LUCY Industrial Management Solutions is steadily growing

Over the past months, we happily welcomed four new employees: two new C# Developers, a Front-End Developer, and our brand-new Project Completions & Tooling Specialist.

LUCY is always looking to expand, so in the upcoming months, we will hopefully add even more professionals to our team for your…

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2020-Q3 Better as-built management prevents delays

The LUCY Mobile Apps allow you to create an as-built document on tablets in the field. Leverage your document management system with Doc-Console and smartly manage required as-built documents per turnover package and prevent idle time and delays.

The benefits:

✓ Reportable document requirements by…

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2020-Q3 Make the most of your workforce

Many employers state they cannot find enough workers with the required skills*. Therefore the existing workforce must be optimally used, and the work must be attractive for young professionals.

LUCY helps employers in the Construction Industries make the most of their existing workforce and become …

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2020-Q2 Co-Console releases three new versions of the Mobile Apps

LUCY releases new versions of the Co-Console Mobile Inspection app, the Punching app, and the Preservation app.

After four years of field experience with a 100% success rate of digitalizing over 50 projects and clients switching towards a fully digital and integrated work process, LUCY is now relea…

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