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2021-Q3 Support the energy transition with LUCY

Co-Console and Weld-Console established their reputation in the traditional industries. But did you know LUCY products are also used in other sectors like:

✓ Wind farms
✓ Hydrogen
✓ Car batteries
✓ Semi-conductor
✓ Rail and road
✓ Waste-to-energy
✓ Plastic recycling
✓ … and many other clean energy sectors…

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2021-Q3 Flange Management in the Weld-Console Mobile App

Any project involving piping requires a program to start up “leak-free.” To accomplish this, flange management is essential. 

Weld-Console is already capable of performing flange management in the Desktop version, but this feature is now also available in the Mobile App. Your construction personnel w…

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2021-Q3 The Co-Console Inspection app will soon support RFID

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is increasingly being used on construction projects to improve efficiency and manage assets. The Co-Console Inspection app will also soon support RFID.


Benefits of RFID:

✓ Identify equipment;
✓ Start an inspection;
✓ Create a task;
✓ Record new equi…

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2021-Q3 Weld-Console keeps expanding worldwide

Weld-Console is used for any fabrication project that involves welding, from building a marine ship to constructing an FPSO, fabricating spools, or welding piping projects. LUCY is therefore increasingly awarded Weld-Console projects by large and small clients worldwide. 

Weld-Console has proven its …

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2021-Q1 New release: Weld-Console Mobile App now available on the Windows platform

After the release of the Weld-Console Pipe Welding App on the Android platform, we are proud to now release the App on the Windows platform as well.

✓ If clients are using “rugged” Windows devices in the field, they can operate the Weld-Console Mobile App from there as well.

✓ The Windows App offe…

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