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2020-Q2 Co-Console releases three new versions of the Mobile Apps

LUCY releases new versions of the Co-Console Mobile Inspection app, the Punching app, and the Preservation app.

After four years of field experience with a 100% success rate of digitalizing over 50 projects and clients switching towards a fully digital and integrated work process, LUCY is now releasing the new generation of mobile applications.

Major improvements are:

✓ The three leading platforms are supported: Windows, Apple, and Android
✓ Advanced/electronic work packaging supported
✓ Improved user experience for easier handling
✓ Optimized for small screens/ smart mobile phones
✓ Bring your own device supported

LUCY excels in digitalizing construction projects in wind, oil and gas, and infrastructural projects. 

Design data, plan data, and design documents are seamlessly integrated and made available for work preparation and paperless inspection, punching, preservation, testing, and dynamic commissioning. LUCY delivers full digital project completion, from engineering to operations, including the electronic turnover dossier, at any completion stage. 

LUCY's solutions are used in new built and maintenance projects in any industry to deliver projects efficiently and safely.


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