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2020-Q3 Make the most of your workforce

Many employers state they cannot find enough workers with the required skills*. Therefore the existing workforce must be optimally used, and the work must be attractive for young professionals.

LUCY helps employers in the Construction Industries make the most of their existing workforce and become more attractive by providing an integrated and digital way of working. Work is better prepared and executed, resulting in the optimal use of resources and skills.

LUCY's Digital Solutions integrate with other IT systems and allow inspectors and engineers to work in the field digitally with drawings and smart mobile forms. Working digital improves project transparency so that management can make better decisions faster. LUCY's Solutions support Advanced Work Phase Planning and Electronic Work Packaging Concepts.

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*In a 2017 survey by McKinsey, forty percent of employers already stated that lack of skill was the main reason for entry-level job vacancies. Sixty percent said that new graduates were not adequately prepared for the world of work. There were gaps in technical skills, STEM subject degrees: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.