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2020-Q3 Scrape data from PDF Isometrics

When you need data, but you only have PDF isometric drawings, LUCY's PDF Scraper is your go-to software.

The PDF Scraper supports image PDF's, text embedded PDF's, and bulk processing. The software recognizes data from digital isometrics with embedded text or uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for scanned paper isometrics.

 LUCY's PDF Scraper enables you to:
✓ Digitalize the Material Take-Off.
✓ Graphically define welds on the isometric.
✓ Define weld characteristics and required materials.

The result is an Excel file that can be easily imported into Weld-Console. With Weld-Console, you can manage pipe and structural welding, NDE, WPS's, and welder qualifications to a fully certified joint with an audit trail.

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