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2021-Q3 Support the energy transition with LUCY

Co-Console and Weld-Console established their reputation in the traditional industries. But did you know LUCY products are also used in other sectors like:

✓ Wind farms
✓ Hydrogen
✓ Car batteries
✓ Semi-conductor
✓ Rail and road
✓ Waste-to-energy
✓ Plastic recycling
✓ … and many other clean energy sectors

The flexibility of LUCY products allows companies in all these sectors to take advantage of a more efficient way of work. The LUCY products help the world in the right direction by delivering projects efficiently: do work "first-time-right" digitally, support remote work with less transportation, and, as always, working digital and paperless.

The LUCY team increasingly works remotely. We are proud to support the energy transition and CO2 reduction worldwide.

Are you interested to know how LUCY can help to future-proof your organization and projects and to work more efficiently? Please contact our Sales Director Robert Saat at +31 30 899 0005 or at info@LUCY-ims.com

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