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2021-Q3 Weld-Console keeps expanding worldwide

Weld-Console is used for any fabrication project that involves welding, from building a marine ship to constructing an FPSO, fabricating spools, or welding piping projects. LUCY is therefore increasingly awarded Weld-Console projects by large and small clients worldwide. 

Weld-Console has proven its added value as a leading and complete QA/QC and operational tool to manage all activities related to fabrication and welding. Weld-Console has a bottom-up approach, meaning it helps craftsmen do the work 'First Time Right' while providing management with an overview of quality and performance.

Weld-Console is a tool that is well-received by all users for its guidance to ease administrative work, save time, improve quality, and enhance output. 

Are you next to benefit from using Weld-Console? Contact us to schedule a demonstration to show you how the tool works and what Weld-Console can do for you. 

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