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2021-Q4 LUCY Hackathon for Weather Integration

What better way to push innovation, boost team spirit, and improve customer satisfaction than a friendly competition? On October 8th, the LUCY developers went head to head in our company hackathon. Their mission - a solution to integrate weather data into our existing applications.We had 4 teams battling for first prize. Some fought so hard, they didn't even stop for a lunch break! It was a joy to see everyone in their hackathon merchandise working enthusiastically towards a team victory.While each team delivered a product before the deadline, only one team could be the winner. The jury, which consisted of the 4 team captains, concluded that team A deserved 1st place - and they were awarded a gold medal and a gift card. The rest of the teams didn't leave empty-handed and received well-deserved medals for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

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