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2021-Q4 Weld-Console Update: "Custom Fields" Make Capturing Extra Information Simple

Have you ever wanted to capture more information than the fields that Weld-Console provides? Our recent update includes custom fields to streamline your data collection and workflow. Customization is now available on multiple levels including: Drawing, Spool, Joint, Activity, and many other places.Changing the field names is very user-friendly, and it's possible to customize which fields are shown on what Activity Type Sign-off. For example, you can capture more information on a Röntgen Test and create and show extra custom fields just for that activity. This information will not show when signing off a Visual Test. Of course, all fields are available to use on reports through the querying module.Custom fields are possible for every activity available, even non-NDE activities like painting. If you don't need the custom fields, don't worry! Custom fields aren't visible unless you need them, so nothing has changed in the interface.   

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