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LUCY has solutions for...

  • 01 Fabrication, welding, bolting for piping and structures
  • 02 Construction, completion, commissioning, start-up for new build projects, i.e., greenfield
  • 03 Maintenance, modification projects on existing assets, i.e., brownfield

Explore your solution

The LUCY Co-Console and Weld-Console solutions come with standard flexibility to suit your needs and are prepared and implemented in weeks. You are warmly invited for a product demonstration. For new customers, LUCY can identify the requirements in a workshop and demonstrate the solutions in detail. The proposed solutions can be worked out further during a Proof of Concept, using your data, requirements, and documentation. This investment will request a few days, providing visibility of the total solution and effort and guarantees success when implemented for real.

LUCY will train and certify your personnel to be independent users of the solutions while being supported by our excellent helpdesk. LUCY can deliver SAAS, as well as on-premises installation and take operational ownership for the highest availability, 24/7, worldwide. LUCY will ensure that software functions properly and that system integrations are established so that you can work efficiently without worries.


Explore your options:

Project implementation:

01 Fabrication, welding, bolting

Validate before you start

Weld-Console is a unique concept that allows you to validate the work before releasing it for fabrication, preventing fail cost and delays. Welding parameters can also be validated at the workplace instantly, providing immediate feedback and the ability to prevent, correct, and follow-up.


Import and validate engineering design data to ensure consistency. Scrape data from pdf isometrics to load into Weld-Console. Easily convert digital isometric drawings to data for importing. Validate design data against drawings using digital weld mappings.

For shop and field

Weld-Console manages both fabrication shop works and field works. Weld-Console allows you to work consistently, first-time-right, traceable, digitally, and makes sure you meet the minimum contract requirements. Easily clear welds and spools based on evidence and produce end of project documentation.

Welded joints for pipes and structures

Manage alignment tests, material heat numbers and certificates, create digital weld mappings, shop welding, PWHT, shop NDE, pressure tests, spool release, WPSs, welder qualifications, repairs, cut-outs, lay-up, field welding, field NDE, welder sampling, weld and spool clearance, equipment certification. Rod room and caddy management. Issue scope by CWP, field installation work package, and sub-contractor, i.e., Work Phase Planning principles.

Mechanical joints

Manage bolting of flanged joints: torque requirements, tensioning requirements, craft qualifications, tools certification.

Digital evidence and reporting

Work digitally with mobile devices for real-time fields status and saving administration works. Integrate your document server to work with digital drawings and weld mappings. Generate end documentation for dossiers in pdf format. Automatically report KPIs and backlogs using scheduled built-in reports and report builders.

02 Construction, completion, commissioning, start-up

Reduce risk and fail cost

Greenfield construction projects in various industries use Co-Console Greenfield to minimize the fail cost and deliver projects based on evidence, convincingly and on time.


Easily reuse and import engineering design data. Integrate your own document server to define subsystem packages and pressure test packages digitally. Digitally validate tag data against key drawings to ensure reliable project management information and create tag/document relationships.

Construction completion

Based on the project inspection and test plan (ITP), ensure that equipment is inspected, and function tested, against drawings and specifications. Support commissioning driven construction. Manage interfaces between disciplines to reduce idle time. Easily capture photos and documents to record defects, punch items, technical queries, and Lock Out Tag Outs, and manage for timely completion. Make drawings as-built and store in Co-Console. Preserve equipment while not yet in use. Create completion certificates and smart digital turnover dossiers for evidence-based acceptance and payment. A methodological work method is a basis for project management and early identification of issues.

Welding and bolting

Pipe welding and structure welding are critical path activities since other disciplines and work literally depend on them. Releasing complete and reliable spools from the welding shop is key to make progress at the construction site. Closing bolted mechanical flanged joints must be done correctly and traceable to minimize leakage. Projects can prepare and manage hydro testing and flange management in both Co-Console and Weld-Console products, where Weld-Console goes into far greater detail and validation. 

Commissioning and energization

Write step-by-step procedures to complete complex work, commission, energize, pressurize, and start up. Integrate drawings and standard verifications on a step; signoff by step and earn progress. Capture defects with photos, create permits, and ensure working is traceable and safely.

Digital evidence and reporting

Work digitally with mobile devices for real-time fields status, better quality of information, and saving administration works. Integrate your document server to work with digital drawings on tablets. Generate end documentation for dossiers in pdf format for evidence-based turnover. Automatically report status and outstanding work, using scheduled reports and automatic distribution. Connect a dashboard solution for easy access to drill-through KPIs.


You will find in Co-Console a friendly and flexible solution. The work processes, level of certification, and aspects to manage are easy to adapt based on the industry. That is why LUCY offers standard configurations for:

The standard configurations can be easily further configured to meet project requirements.

For more information about the Co-Console suite, its modules, and functional and technical capabilities, see Co-Console.


03 Maintenance, modification projects

Work safely and minimize downtime

Existing operating facilities need maintenance and modifications to meet new criteria and improve production. Such projects occur in a live environment, and works are to be executed with precision, care, and efficiency to prevent incidents, delays, and unplanned downtime.

With Co-Console you can prepare and execute brownfield projects on your existing assets to ensure a consistent and transparent collaboration between subcontractors, construction, and operations. Create visibility on priority work packages and push work for timely completion. Manage pre-turnaround and turnaround works of multiple jobs simultaneously. Co-Console provides transparency of completed work and automatically expedites outstanding work until 100% complete, preventing idle time.

Preparation and digitalization

Obtaining digital data and drawings in existing process facilities can be challenging. LUCY offers various digitalization solutions:

  • Scope assessments are easily done using the mobile app: take a photo of the equipment, add a description, and submit electronically to Co-Console. Based on this input, a digital work package can be created by the mobile app.
  • Record equipment data on mobile devices and share it with other systems.
  • Make use of RFID technology to identify objects and tags.
  • Read and scrape tag data from key design drawings like PIDs.
  • Define work packages electronically by marking up key drawings.
  • Design data can be imported from engineering by the mobile app.


It is very beneficial to integrate with the company document management system and maintenance system to share data. New equipment can be tagged with RFIDs and registered using a mobile device. Additionally, you can add equipment data like model number, serial number, performance parameters.

Integrating the document server will help you working with drawings efficiently, make drawings as-built, ensure as-built marked-up documents are available for operations and sending drawings to engineering for a final update.

Back to operation

Construction work packages tie-in with system completion. With Co-Console, modification projects can be viewed from a construction perspective, as well as a commissioning perspective, and prioritize from either perspective. Identify and expedite work packages to be finished to be able to hand over to operations. Make sure required documentation is expedited and complete. Easily report readiness to handover to operations and generate evidence-based acceptance dossiers, including as-builts, for easy acceptance. A web-based dashboard will tell what projects are underway, what is close to ready, and what is back with operations.