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Co-Console Training & Partner Program

LUCY supports Co-Console users with the setup and trains them for independent use of the software. License holders may outsource the operation of Co-Console to service providers. LUCY promotes Certified Co-Console Partners, so you know where to outsource your qualified Co-Console operators.

Co-Console Certified Training Program

The Co-Console Training Program consists of 3 courses, aimed at 3 levels of expertise:

  1. Regular User Course
  2. Power User Course
  3. Read Only Course

All courses are given by LUCY’s experts. Each participant will receive a Co-Console Training Certificate. To ensure users will maximize Co-Console’s features, the training is updated with the latest information twice a year. LUCY recommends following the refresher courses when the training certificate expires. Are you interested to learn more about Co-Console Certified Training Program or become a Co-Console Certified User or Power User? Contact us via the contact button or give us a call.

Co-Console Certified Partner Program

License holders may hire external staff, such as service providers, to help them set up and operate Co-Console software. LUCY offers service providers the Co-Console Certified Partner Program. The Co-Console Certified Partner Program increases the added value of service providers:

1. Service providers can integrate the Co-Console methodology and Co-Console software tools, as part of their completion management and commissioning services.

2. Service providers can help Co-Console licensed projects with certified personnel that are trained to utilize Co-Console to its maximum capabilities. Service providers are recommended by LUCY.

Service providers have high-quality standards, leading to an excellent result for the customer. Are you interested to learn more about becoming a Co-Console Certified Partner? Please contact us via the contact button or give us a call.

outstanding software.
excellent results.

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