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Weld-Console Welding & Fabrication

Weld-Console turns welding projects into simple daily instructions and validates and ensures that projects comply with contract and law. A comprehensive solution, serving many project stakeholders to work integrated, efficiently, transparently and with higher quality. Weld-Console interfaces with engineering, sub-contractors at site and shops to keep overview and control. Bring joints, spools and isometrics to 'ready for hydro' and 'pipe complete': bolted, welded, examined and documented.

Weld-Console functions

Weld-Console is a comprehensive system with various modules that can be used depending on your requirements. Typical features are:

  • Data import from MS data sources and smart isometrics (e.g. PCF files)
  • DMS integration
  • Create weld mappings
  • Welder management
  • Automatically manage examination requirements like NDE and KPIs in shop and field
  • Automatic sampling of welder work
  • Welder qualifications
  • Tooling
  • Material codes and heat numbers
  • Filler material management
  • Validated work instructions
  • Welding and WPS requirements
  • Bolting requirements, materials and tooling
  • Cut-out/repair logic including follow-up tracers
  • Spool and hydro clearance
  • Upload supporting documentation
  • Task management
  • Query and report builders
  • Report progress and key performance indicators, ad-hoc and scheduled
  • Supports advanced work packaging


  • A comprehensive and flexible system
  • Configurable to suit straightforward and complex work processes
  • Suitable for standard design codes and non-standard requirements
  • Work-integrated with your own document server
  • Work-integrated with many stakeholders, minimize interface management
  • Mobile applications for real-time information and efficiency
  • Do it one-time-right: validated work instructions before you start
    • Work processes
    • Materials
    • People
    • Tooling
  • Reduces paper checking retrospectively
  • Easily produce end documentation digitally

Mobile Apps

Prepare work centrally and assign to foremen for clear and validated work instructions. Mobile apps give access to the latest information and documents. Relieve the administrative burden and delay: real-time information. Up to date and transparent to be in control.

Suitable for you

Weld-Console is a flexible system that actively manages project requirements and deliverables to ensure they are met. It supports standard and non-standard requirements in e.g. the offshore, power and petro(chemical) industries. Weld-Console reports progress and KPIs for single construction sites and modular build projects. Real-time due to mobile apps. It supports straightforward work processes as well as advanced work phase planning. Weld-Console can act as project 'overlay' to validate and align sub-contractors as well as 'self-perform' where you incorporate your work processes in shop or field. Are you ready for Weld-Console?

outstanding software.
excellent results.

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